How to Choose a Limo Service

Choosinga Limo Service in Orlando

Port Canaveral and Orlando limo service

  • Shop for quality service first, prices second as you will get what you pay for, and a so called “Cheap Service” could spell trouble for your dream cruise.
  • If you’re asked to pay for the service in advance make sure they’re well established, otherwise they may not be here tomorrow. Choosing a local and long standing provider is easily verifiable. (see below)
  • Look out for hidden fees such as fuel surcharges , Meet & greet fees, and cancellation and change in reservations fees even 30 days in advance. Apart from driver gratuity a reputable company should not charge anything above and beyond the advertised rates and unless you’re booking a motor coach, a cancellation notice of 24 to 72 hours is usually accommodated in the transportation industry without any penalty what so ever.

Ace Luxury Transportation, Inc. has been committed to providing superior quality in ground transportation in Orlando, Port Canaveral and all of Central Florida since 1985.

Ace Luxury Transportation, Inc. has been a reliable and trusted choice of chauffeured transportation for locals and visitors alike since 1985 . But don’t take care our word for it; let our clients tell you all about their experiences in their own words (Ace Luxury Reviews).

How to Verify a License to Operate in Orlando, FL 

1.  Go to Orlando International Airport’s official website for a list of permitted operators. The airport does not grant permits to companies unless they obtain a City Of Orlando Vehicle For Hire license first and provide proof of adequate insurance coverage.

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Cruise Tips Part 1: Planning Your Cruise

Let’s start at the beginning, planning your cruise.

Today there are as many different types of cruises as there are cruisers. If you’ve never cruised before, the choices can be a little overwhelming. One popular online cruise booking service currently lists 18,748 sailings to choose from! Nearly 1,000 of those sailings (997 to be exact) are from Port Canaveral alone.

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Cruise Tips Part 2: Getting to Your Cruise

In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 25 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral. We’ll explore

With your cruise planned using our Planning Your Cruise Vacation tips, it’s time to get ready for your cruise. You may not think these are difficult tasks, but waiting until the last minute to pack or trying to drive to a location you’re not familiar with can be stressful. These tips should help ease your mind.

Tip #1: Notify Your Banks and Credit Cards

The first thing you need to do is contact your credit card companies or banks to tell them you are traveling. They will notate in your account where you are going and how long you should be there. If a credit card company sees usage from your card that is not normal nor being used where you regularly use it, they may cancel your card for security reasons, leaving you without a method of payment. This tip applies to any time you travel, not just cruises.

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Cruise Tips Part 3: Cruising and Excursions

In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 25 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral. We’ll explore

Now that you are on your cruise and followed our Getting From Your Home To The Cruise Port tips, it’s time to start the fun! With so much to see and do, we’ve put together a few tips to avoid cruise burn-out, setting up personal itineraries, and some “must do” tips while on your cruise.

Tip #1: Avoid Cruise Burnout

Don’t forget to sleep! There’s so much to do and see, you may think you have to do it all. What is most important is remembering to rest. Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep at night, and don’t be afraid to take a short nap during the day. Take rests throughout the day where you can just relax and unwind between activities. After eating lunch, sit and enjoy the scenery for an extra 10 minutes to let your food settle, and get ready for your next adventure. Get enough rest from the sun during the day as well. Avoid sunburns and heat exhaustion by taking a break in the shade for a while. Believe it or not, too much sun exposure can make you more fatigued.

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Cruise Tips Part 4: Getting Back Home

Avoiding the stress of disembarking. Remain in control of your vacation by using a private transportation provider.

In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 25 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral. We’ll explore

Your cruise has come to an end, and since you had a fun, exciting time by following our Making The Most Of Your Cruise tips, it’s time to pack up and head home.

To continue enjoying the last hours of your cruise, do some preparation the last night. If you do not have to catch a flight soon after docking, relax and take your time leaving. There is no need to end the cruise on a sour note.

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Cruise Terminal 1 Opens at Port Canaveral FL

Cruising is the vacation of choice for those who yearn for ease while still being treated to a trip of their dreams. Why is it that the cruise lifestyle cannot be shadowed in the hours leading up to your departure? Port Canaveral now has the answer! Port Canaveral is now the proud home of a brand new state of the art cruise terminal (CT1). Late in December, passengers of Royal Caribbean International’s Explorer of the Seas had the honor of being the first to cruise from the standout new facility.

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