Cruise Tips Part 3: Cruising and Excursions

In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 25 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral. We’ll explore

Now that you are on your cruise and followed our Getting From Your Home To The Cruise Port tips, it’s time to start the fun! With so much to see and do, we’ve put together a few tips to avoid cruise burn-out, setting up personal itineraries, and some “must do” tips while on your cruise.

Tip #1: Avoid Cruise Burnout

Don’t forget to sleep! There’s so much to do and see, you may think you have to do it all. What is most important is remembering to rest. Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep at night, and don’t be afraid to take a short nap during the day. Take rests throughout the day where you can just relax and unwind between activities. After eating lunch, sit and enjoy the scenery for an extra 10 minutes to let your food settle, and get ready for your next adventure. Get enough rest from the sun during the day as well. Avoid sunburns and heat exhaustion by taking a break in the shade for a while. Believe it or not, too much sun exposure can make you more fatigued.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy. Dehydration can lead to migraines, muscle cramps, and a list of other vacation ruining symptoms. Loading up with too much fried and fatty foods can lead to upset stomachs and nausea, as well as fatigue and rapid weight gain. Fitting in a healthy meal will help give you the energy you need to get to the next activity without feeling miserable. And speaking about activities; space your activities throughout the day so you’re not running from one thing to another without a break in between.

Take some alone time! Go to the onboard gym while everyone else takes a nap. Relax by the pool while others go to an activity. This will help keep everyone from getting tired of each other and help unwind and relax.

Tip #2: Suggestions for Personal Itineraries

There’s always a “must see” or “must do” activity on each cruise. View the daily newsletter to see what activities, shows, or specialty foods are available that day.

On the Disney cruise to the Caribbean, the jet ski excursion is a lot of fun. The tour guide takes you far from the ship to a sandbar in the middle of the water where you can see the ocean floor in crisp, clear, blue waters. If the tour guide is going a little faster than you’re comfortable with, don’t worry, they will circle the line around so slower drivers don’t get left behind. If you’re on a Disney cruise with the AquaDuck water slide, you must ride it! It isn’t just for kids and is really fun. It makes you feel like a kid again! There is almost always a long line, so it’s best to ride while at port when most people are off the ship.

Many cruises offer onboard Broadway-style live shows, comedy shows, game shows, and trivia contests. These are fun activities and a great experience you may not normally be able to experience outside of a cruise, especially all on one trip.

If you are doing a snorkeling excursion at port, bring your own snorkel to save money. If you packed your own goggles as well, you can have your own private snorkeling excursion for free off the beach. You will be able to see enough sea life in shallow waters – you may even see a small shark!

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of dolphin interaction excursions, both shallow water and deep water. The deep water dolphin interaction allows you to swim with the dolphins, and features a “foot push”, where dolphins push you through the water by your feet. The shallow water interaction lets you swim with, play with, and even kiss the friendly dolphins.

What better way to explore the Belizean jungle or be one with the ancient Maya, than by tubing down the river? Carnival offers the exclusive Crystal Cave Tubing & Zipline excursion that is sure to be fun and exciting. The tour guide tells you interesting facts about Belizean culture, history, and geology as you drive through savannas and villages to get to the hidden destination. From there, you take a 500 foot zipline through the trees to get to the caverns where you begin your tubing journey.

Norwegian offers a fun and exciting ATV Jungle & Beach Adventure excursion in Costa Maya, Mexico. The tour guide takes you on a drive along the coastline of Costa Maya on an ATV. After about an hour, you arrive at a private beach with cool drinks, warm waters, and fun in the sand.

Tip #3: Helpful Onboard Tips

Explore the ship! You may find unpopulated areas when you don’t have any plans scheduled and just have time to walk around and hang out. You may discover a quiet cafe that you didn’t know was there.

Are there multiple food items on the menu that look good? Want to try a couple different meals? Order more than one entree, dessert, or appetizer at dinner, you’re allowed to!

When disembarking at ports of call, bring plenty of single dollar and five dollar bills. If you go to straw markets, you can usually bargain with them for a better price. You should also get a lanyard for your sea pass to keep around your neck to avoid losing it.

You will gain weight on your cruise. There is an abundance of food that is available at all times of the day, so it is difficult to eat healthy with every meal, and limit the amount of food you eat. Walking around the ship frequently can help prevent you from gaining too much weight, but will also help you stay active, energetic, and healthy.

Constantly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. While the crew does everything it can to keep germs away, not all passengers have the same hygiene that you may expect. Frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer will help prevent you from getting sick if other passengers don’t exercise the same hygiene practices you do.

Participate in all the activities you want and can handle. Using Ace Luxury Transportation to take you to the port and pick you up gives you the ability to rest and relax on the drive back to the hotel or home, instead of stressing about where you parked the car and getting out of the parking lot.