Cruise Tips Part 4: Getting Back Home

Avoiding the stress of disembarking. Remain in control of your vacation by using a private transportation provider.

In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 25 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral. We’ll explore

Your cruise has come to an end, and since you had a fun, exciting time by following our Making The Most Of Your Cruise tips, it’s time to pack up and head home.

To continue enjoying the last hours of your cruise, do some preparation the last night. If you do not have to catch a flight soon after docking, relax and take your time leaving. There is no need to end the cruise on a sour note.

Tip #1: Check All Nooks and Crannies

Check under beds for that missing flip flop; in drawers, often times a piece of clothing becomes caught behind the drawer. Look behind couches for that tossed tee shirt; under couch cushions for items left behind, for example: loose change, jewelry. Look over the bathroom for any personal items you want to keep. Most of the cruise ships have a safe in each room where you can store your valuables, for example: passports, jewelry, cash and or travelers checks. Check and recheck the safe for your property.

Tip #2: Prepare for Disembarkation the Night Before

To avoid the stress of filling out forms at the last minute, the night before disembarking, prepare yourself to go through customs. Make sure you have all the paperwork filled out and declare any items of value that you must report. This will help avoid the hassle while also trying to get everyone off the ship.

Go over the printout of your onboard account when it is delivered the final night of the cruise. If there are any mistakes, you will have to go to the reception desk and settle your account. The lines may be shorter if you go right away instead of the morning of disembarking. To avoid any last minute surprises, check your account regularly throughout the cruise.

If you have luggage service, reserve the time and place where your luggage can be found for pick up. Ask when and where you can collect your liquor purchases that were stored for you during the trip. Some cruise lines do not allow off ship purchased liquor to be held in the cabin.

Tip #3: Prepare to Disembark

Disembarking is not as easy as just walking off the ship as you would in a hotel. There are a lot of procedures to follow and may seem daunting and confusing. If you prepare the exit the last night of the cruise you will have a much smoother disembarkment.

There is no need to stress where you parked your car after the relaxing cruise you just took. Continue your vacation and remain in control by using Ace Luxury Transportation.

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