Service must be pre-paid in full via any credit/debit card at time of booking (for 1 way, round trip, or 3 way if any) and a confirmation and a receipt for each service will be e-mailed shortly after reservations are made.

No shows at the pick up location (i.e.:airport, hotel, cruise ship,etc..) & a notice of cancellation that is less than 48 hours (30 days minimum for motorcoaches, 72 Hrs minimum for limos & mini-buses) will result in forfeiture of the fare including gratuities if not given proper notice.

To verify that your reservation has been cancelled and to insure proper credit please make sure that you receive a cancellation notice for each cancelled transfer (i.e. 1 notice for 1 way, 2 notices for round trip, etc.).

All cancelled reservations or downgrades,regardless of when they were canceled, with $400 or more refund due will incur a 5% credit card processing fee to be deducted from balance even if given proper notice. Unless services are reserved & pre-paid, prices may increase without notice.