Terms and Policies

Terms & Conditions/ Reservation Agreement: Please make sure that you receive via email a separate confirmation for every transfer reserved(i.e. you should receive 2 confirmations for a round trip, 3 confirmations for a 3 way land & Sea, etc.).

2] AIRPORT ARRIVALS: FLIGHT INFO MUST BE UP-TO-DATE TO AVOID MAJOR DELAYS IN AIRPORT PICK UPS: Please turn cell phone on as soon as you land. By the airport authority rules: To enter the airport we must have your up-to-date flight number on file, also so we can monitor your arrival(no need to call if flight is delayed). If after 1 hour from the flight landing time the driver and vehicle did not depart the airport, a waiting charge of $15 to $25(depending on vehicle reserved)per 15 minutes increment will be charged to the account on file. The same fees apply to any wait time for a 2nd flight that was not pre-arranged & listed on this confirmation in addition to the one we have on file. A pick up from more than 1 terminal will incur an additional $20 entry fee, $40 for buses and mini-buses + any wait charges after 1st terminal pick up(Please understand that we pay a high premium for parking inside airport terminals and we are merely passing on the cost). If we are provided with more than 1 flight to monitor at time of reservations, the latest arriving flight will take precedence where the driver will arrive at it's corresponding baggage claim at the updated arrival time. Flights arriving at 11:00pm or later, scheduled & delayed flights included, will incur a $10 to $25 late arrival fee depending on delay time. If a flight becomes severely late guests in this case must call the driver as soon as they land allowing 20-30 minutes for pick up.

3] PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: Service must be pre-paid in full via any credit/debit card at time of booking(for 1 way, round trip, or 3 way if any) and a confirmation and a receipt for each service will be e-mailed shortly after reservations are made. No shows at the pick up location(i.e.:airport, hotel, cruise ship,etc..) & a notice of cancellation that is less than 48 hours(30 days minimum for motorcoaches, 72 Hrs minimum for limos & mini-buses)will result in forfeiture of the fare including gratuities if not given proper notice. To verify that your reservation has been cancelled and to insure proper credit please make sure that you receive a cancellation notice for each cancelled transfer(i.e. 1 notice for 1 way, 2 notices for round trip, etc.). All cancelled reservations or downgrades,regardless of when they were canceled, with $400 or more refund due will incur a 5% credit card processing fee to be deducted from balance even if given proper notice. Unless services are reserved & pre-paid, prices may increase without notice.

4] MEET & GREET PROCEDURE: FROM ORLANDO AIRPORT: Meet the driver who will be holding a sign with the passenger's name displayed inside baggage claim at the bottom of the escalators prior to collecting luggage(call 407-292-4444 if unable to locate the driver).

5] FROM ALL PORT CANAVERAL CRUISE TERMINALS : Please Read Carefully: All Terminals Are Active Loading Zones Only. No Waiting Is Allowed. Please turn cell phone on as soon as your ship is within range. Passengers returning from a cruise ship must call the driver from outside the cruise terminal with bags in hand(Driver's name & # will be sent via text & email on the morning of service & before you exit the ship). If no text is received please call us from outside the cruise terminal for driver info at 407-292-4444 with bags in hand and only when ready to leave the terminal & not before that time as that will only delay the loading process (much earlier than scheduled exit from a cruise ship does not guarantee immediate pick up. Please keep cell phone turned on and audible during the pick up process). Drivers can only pick up at loading zones designated by the Port Canaveral authority & will refuse any request that violates the authority's rule.

6] FROM HOTELS, RESIDENCES & FIXED LOCATIONS: DRIVER WILL BE STANDING BY OUTSIDE MAIN ENTRANCE: In most cases we position the driver at the pick up location 15 minutes prior to departure. Please be ready at least 5-10 minutes before pick up time to allow for loading. We must leave by the scheduled pick time at the latest as we have commitments towards other guests so please be prompt. A grace period of 15 minutes wait is provided. After 15 minutes: a wait charge of $18 to $30 per 15 minute increment(based on vehicle type) will be charged to the account on file. Pick ups/arrivals between 11:00pm & 6:00am will incur a late/early pick up fee of $10 to $25 depending on pick up time.

7] CHILD SEATS: In order to accommodate other families requests, a maximum of 2 car seats and 2 booster seats(Any combination except 3 car seats or 3 boosters) may be provided at no charge & must be requested at time of reservation and noted in writing on your confirmation. Rear facing infant seat, a 3rd car seat or booster are provided at an additional $10 per seat per transfer(Florida law does not require children over the age of 8 to be in a child seat ). Buses & Mini-buses(15 to 56 passengers) are not required to have seat belts installed in them therefore child seats can not be secured in those vehicles.

8] VEHICLE SUBSTITUTIONS: With the exception of stretch limousines, SUV limousines, and Executive SUV's, vehicle reserved may be substituted with a larger capacity vehicle at no extra charge and without notice.

9] MAXIMUM LUGGAGE CAPACITY: Please note the maximum bags allowed on the reservation for your reserved vehicle/s(listed is the # of full size bags. You may add a few small carry-ons) & notify us immediately if you need to upgrade to a larger vehicle in order to avoid major delays, additional charges, & not having a larger vehicle available on the day of service. If you were transported on the first day of service in a vehicle larger than the one reserved, please do not assume that you will be returned in the same size vehicle(you must contact us to upgrade if needed).

10] EXTRA STOPS: Unless pre-arranged, and listed on this confirmation, and due to scheduling constraints, stops between pick ups & drop offs will not be permitted and last minute service add-ons may not be available so please plan ahead.

11] LOST & FOUND: Not responsible for articles left in the vehicle's passenger compartment and if found will be delivered(schedule permitting) for a charge, or shipped at customers expense.

12] PICK UP TIMES FROM THE ORLANDO AREA TO PORT CANAVERAL: For guests with a pick up time before 11:00am from the Orlando area, in the rare occasion, may have that time adjusted 15 to 20 minutes later then scheduled when we have a very busy morning and priority is given to those exiting the cruise ships to catch a flight home as we are committed to fulfilling our obligations to returning guests first. . We will do our very best to keep your earlier than 11:00am appointment and we will notify you that morning of any possible time adjustment.

13] DAMAGE REPAIRS, CLEANING AND SANITIZING FEES: In the case a guest leaves any damage , spillage, or becomes sick inside the vehicle, guest shall be responsible for those damages and for a professional cleaning fee if needed in addition to any loss of revenue resulting from the vehicle deemed out of service during recovery period.

14] FUTURE FUEL SURCHARGE: In the event fuel prices reach $3 per galon or higher come the day of service a fuel surcharge of 3% or higher, depending on increase, of the total will be charged to the account on file.

Your safety & comfort are our # 1 priority & we truly appreciate your business and your cooperation. Please take a moment after service is provided to post a review on TripAdvisor or Google (a reminder email will be sent). We truly appreciate your business. Thank you.