How to Choose a Limo Service

Ace Luxury Transportation, Inc. has been committed to providing excellent quality ground transportation in Orlando, Port Canaveral and all of Central Florida since 1985.

We have been a reliable and trusted choice of chauffeured transportation for locals and visitors. But don’t take care our word for it, let our clients tell you all about their experiences in their own words

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Cruise Tips Part 1: Planning Your Cruise

Let’s start at the beginning, planning your cruise. Today there are as many different types of cruises as there are cruisers. If you’ve never cruised before, the choices can be a little overwhelming. One popular online cruise booking service currently lists 18,748 sailings to choose from! Nearly 1,000 of those sailings (997 to be exact) are from Port Canaveral alone.

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Cruise Tips Part 2: Getting to Your Cruise

If you’ve never been on a cruise you might find the choices can be a bit overwhelming. There’s one popular online cruise booking service that currently lists 18,748 sailings to choose from. With nearly 1,000 of those sailings, 997 to be exact, from Port Canaveral.

Tip #1: Use What You Can’t Change To Narrow Your Cruise Choices

If you know you are going to be cruising as a family, a couple, a group, or single, that can be a great first step in finding cruises that would be a great fit. Though most cruise lines have wide appeal, they usually have particular specialties.

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Cruise Tips Part 3: Cruising and Excursions

Now that you are on your cruise and followed our Getting From Your Home To The Cruise Port tips, it’s time to start the fun. With so much to see and do, we’ve put together a few tips to avoid cruise burn-out, setting up personal itineraries, and some “must do” tips while on your cruise.

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Cruise Tips Part 4: Getting Back Home

Avoiding the stress of disembarking and remain in control of your vacation by using a private transportation provider. In this series of blog posts, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from 35 years of experience transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral.

To continue enjoying the last hours of your cruise do some preparation on the last night. If you don’t have a flight soon after docking you relax and take your time leaving.

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Cruise Terminal 1 Opens at Port Canaveral FL

Cruising is the vacation of choice for those who yearn for ease while still being treated to a trip of their dreams. Why is it that the cruise lifestyle cannot be shadowed in the hours leading up to your departure? Port Canaveral now has the answer! Port Canaveral is now the proud home of a brand new state of the art cruise terminal (CT1). Late in December, passengers of Royal Caribbean International’s Explorer of the Seas had the honor of being the first to cruise from the standout new facility.

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