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Packing Tips for Your Cruise

The most exciting trip you’re going to take will be your first cruise, well we think so anyway. There’s a lot to consider when packing, such as, excursions, weather, formal wear and more. What you plan on doing and the type of cruise can determine what you’ll need to pack.

However, a lot of what you’re going to need to pack might be similar no matter what type of cruise. There are many types of cruises someone might consider, typically the one you’re taking from Port Canaveral, Florida will be a tropical cruise. ACE Luxury offers an exclusive cruise ship transportation service with professional drivers with service to and from your cruise ship terminal.

With destinations to places such as the Bahamas or the Caribbean! One of the first steps to getting for any trip is planning your outfits and creating a packing list. The fun and the sun are waiting, so let’s talk about what you’ll need to pack and give you an idea of what your list should look like.

Planning and Packing for Your Cruise

You’ve book you’re cruise and you’re getting excited, finally it’s time to plan and pack. There’s a chance that this is you’re first cruise, so you’re not sure what you’ll need to pack. That’s ok, that’s why we’re here, to help you plan what you’ll need and what you might consider packing.

First thing we need to figure out is what the weather will be like, if you’re leaving from Florida, it’s most likely a tropical cruise. Therefore we should plan accordingly, sunny weather and beaches. Don’t forget your sandals and flip flops, but also think about bringing some running shoes or sneakers. We suggest this due to the fact that you might take an excursion and need some good footwear. Also consider formal nights, bring some nice shoes to wear to those fancy cruise ship dinners.

Speaking of formal dinners, you’ll want to make sure you pack some formal attire. Cruise ships are known for their formal dinners, plan accordingly and don’t forget to pack the proper shoes. These formal nights require dresses or blazers, think fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant and dress how you would to that sort of place.

Of course you’ll need sleepwear, to make sure you’re cozy in your cabin after a long day in the sun having fun. Accessories are also always welcome if you choose to pack those and toiletries as well. Think, makeup, hair accessories and more, we’re giving you the ideas and what those details mean are very individual. You’re also able to purchase a lot of things on the cruise as well. There’s no need to stress over something you’ve forgot to pack, most likely the cruise has it.

Transportation to Your Cruise Ship Terminal

The last thing you’ll need to plan for is your transportation from the airport to your cruise ship terminal. At ACE Luxury, we offer a private cruise ship limousine service with professional chauffeurs.

You can count on our airport limousine service to deliver you to your cruise ship terminal on time and in luxury. It’s often recommended that you arrive a day or two in advance of your cruise. This is so that there’s no rushing from the airport to the cruise ship, if you choose to do this, we offer our service from the hotel to the cruise ship.

Simply make your reservation online or over the phone at anytime. You’re carefree cruise ship transportation service is only a few clicks away. However, if you would rather give us a call you can at 407-292-4444 or email us at info@aceluxury.com. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando soon and helping to make the start of your trip an easy one!

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