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In this of blog post, the crew at Ace Luxury offer their best cruising tips gathered from over 35 years of transporting cruise guests to Port Canaveral.

In this blog we’ll review the following tips:

With your cruise planned using our Planning Your Cruise Vacation tips, it’s time to get ready for your cruise. You may not think these are difficult, but waiting until the last minute to pack or trying to drive to a location you’re not familiar with can be stressful, these tips should help ease your mind.

Tip #1: Notify Your Banks and Credit Cards

The first thing you need to do is contact your credit card companies or banks to tell them you are traveling. They will notate in your account where you are going and how long you should be there. If a credit card company sees usage from your card that is not normal nor being used where you regularly use it, they may cancel your card for security reasons, leaving you without a method of payment. This tip applies to any time you travel, not just cruises.

Tip #2: Deciding What to Pack

Pack motion sickness medication, especially if this is your first cruise. While the waves aren’t bad, the slight movement may be a bit too much to handle at first, until you get your sea legs. Depending on what time your cruise set sail, take the medication one hour prior to leaving port. This allows the medication to absorb and start working before the ship moves. Areas highest up and furthest from the center of the boat are said to make you feel the most movement.

Pack everyday medicine: pain relievers, aloe for sunburns, cold medicine, allergy medicine, upset stomach medicine, etc. You may not need any of it, but it can be very expensive to purchase these items from the gift shops on the boat. You may not be able to bring certain medications back on the boat if you purchase them during an excursion. Make sure you only bring enough for personal use and keep prescriptions in their original containers, or carry a note from your doctor with you.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must! You want to pack enough sunscreen to keep you safe for your whole trip, even if you’re not going swimming or laying on the beach. You should wear a minimum of 30 SPF and reapply throughout the day. Sunscreen wears off from sweat, not just by being in the water. Wearing sunglasses is equally as important as sunscreen. They can protect your eyes from the Sun’s harmful UV rays, plus, they make it easier for your eyes to adjust between being outside on the deck and going inside to eat all that yummy food.

To avoid ATM fees, bring enough cash if you plan on visiting an on board casino. If you plan on doing water excursions, investing in a small, inexpensive waterproof camera, waterproof phone case, or one-time use waterproof cameras can come in handy for taking pictures of the sea life and your water activities.

Don’t forget to bring enough batteries for all your devices for the whole trip, and don’t forget the charger to your devices. Even having a spare rechargeable battery for your phone, camera, video recorder, etc. can come in handy. Don’t forget to recharge them while you’re not using them. There’s nothing like getting ready to take an awesome picture just to have your camera power off from a drained battery.

Bring a sweater, even if you are going to the Caribbean in Summer. Community rooms such as dining halls, bars, and theaters may have their AC higher than you prefer, so bringing a sweater will help keep you comfortable. Many cruise dinners require certain dress codes. Be sure to pack enough clothes that meet the requirements of the dinners for each dinner you attend. Usually some dinners require you to dress up a bit by wearing slacks, a dress shirt, a dress, a blouse, or a skirt. Don’t forget to bring shoes to match your dinner outfit.

Wear comfortable, slip resistant shoes. Walking by the pools can be slippery, and though the crew does their best to keep the pathway clear of water to prevent falls, it’s still possible to slip on the deck. Pack more than one swimsuit. Having multiple swimsuits will allow one suit to hang dry while you wear another. This will help avoid chafing and foul odors that sometimes happens to clothes when they’re not dried.

Tip #3: Planning What to Eat

Most seasoned cruisers will tell you that you will eat until you explode while on your cruise. The abundance of food and buffets on the ship are nothing to pass up. You’re on vacation, enjoy the variety of food! How should you prepare for the massive feast? You don’t have to eat only celery and water for every meal leading up to cruise time, but eating small, healthy meals will help prevent you from overdoing it while on vacation. It can be very hard counting points or calories while on vacation, especially with the temptation of 24-hour access to delicious ice cream stations, but you know your body and what you can handle.

Save the big dinners for the cruise, where you can try new things without worry, and eat a variety of things. Smaller, healthier meals before your trip will help keep the weight off and stay healthier. Going for walks frequently will also help prepare you for all the walking you will be doing on the ship and during excursions.

Tip #4: Setting Up a Sleep Schedule

Get a good night’s sleep the night before your cruise. You will be walking around quite a bit checking out the ship and all the activities, as well as getting acquainted with your room and dining halls. Staying at a hotel near the cruise port will help keep you stress free so you don’t have to worry about a long trip to the cruise port. Don’t forget to sleep while you’re on vacation too!

Tip #5: Security Considerations

Hiring a transportation service to pick you up and take you to the cruise port helps take away the worries of car break ins, parking fees, and hassle of getting to and from the parking lot on time. Using a shared transportation service can limit the amount of people in your party, but you also run the risk of someone else grabbing one of your bags by accident. If you use personal transportation, like Ace Luxury Transportation, you don’t have to worry about other people. Your party and your bags will all arrive at the correct location on time and together.

Tip #6: What to Expect From Your Transportation Provider

You’ve decided to let go of the stress and use a transportation service to take you to the cruise port – excellent choice! Now, what should you expect from your transportation provider? You should select a provider that has a great reputation, trustworthy chauffeurs, offers a clean, smooth ride, and will treat you and your family as though it was their own. Ace Luxury Transportation performs a background check on all their drivers, as well as trains them to be courteous hosts behind the wheel.

Many transportation services ask that you pay in advance for the service. It is important to make sure the transportation service is well established, otherwise they may no longer be available when it comes time for your trip. Ace Luxury has been in business for over two decades and has the most 5-star reviews in transportation in Orlando.

Be on the lookout for hidden fees such as fuel surcharges, meet and greet fees, cancellation or change in reservation fees even 30 days in advance. Other than driver gratuity, a reputable company should never charge more than what is advertised. Ace Luxury Transportation does not charge extra fees, taxes, tolls, parking, or any other hidden fee.

Many other transportation services charge extra to meet and greet you at your pickup location. Ace Luxury Transportation offers a complimentary meet and greet hospitality service upon your arrival.

Now You’re Ready to Set Sail

Vacations are about having fun and relaxing. Contact your bank and credit cards to tell them about your trip so you don’t get an unexpected card cancellation. Pack enough clothes to stay comfortable and meet the requirements of any dress codes on the boat, as well as wear comfortable, slip-resistant shoes, and bring more than one swimsuit. Pack the medications you need as well as some you may need just in case since purchasing these items on the ship can be expensive. Pack your sunscreen and sunglasses to stay safe while having fun in the sun. Capture all your memories with your camera and be sure to bring enough batteries and chargers for all your devices.

Splurge and bring along a waterproof camera or phone case to capture all the water activities you participate in. If you plan on sampling all the different foods the ship has to offer, prepare for your trip by eating lighter meals before the cruise. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before to avoid fatigue while exploring the ship on the first day.

Leave your worries behind by setting up transportation services to take you to and from the cruise port and you won’t have to worry about getting there on time. Don’t let your fun vacation be plagued with stress and worry. Following these tips will help ensure that you have the time of your life by making it easier to get ready for your cruise.

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