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Welcome to Orlando International Airport's New Terminal 

The Orlando International Airport's new terminal has reached a new milestone in it's construction. Terminal C is now 75 per cent complete and will have 15 new gates, which will help to alleviate the volume of passenger traffic that the airport currently deals with. This new terminal will also be able to host 20 planes and 10-12 million passengers. 

This is big news for those that travel for not only business but for leisure as well. Since the Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the area. This is good news and there are many experts who agree.

"It gives us the chance to spread the airlines out, the capability to bring more service. By having the south terminal down there, we could use those gates right now. That would help relieve some of the congestion we have right now, and we aren't even fully back to post-COVID." Says Tom Draper, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authorities Chief of Operations. 

Tourism and Travel in Orlando 

The good news here, other than the fact that there will be more room at the airport, is that tourism is returning to Orlando. According to economists, travel is returning even though tourism isn't quite back to its pre pandemic levels. This has had a ripple effect on the tourism and hospitality industry. It's been a rough year with the pandemic causing the industry to halt, but seeing it coming back to life is promising. 

Dr Frank Fishkind, President of Fishkind Litigation Services says, "This is the biggest industry in this community. It is not only the biggest employer, it's the biggest in-direct employer. And it drives other things, like conventions...they will come back as this recovery progresses on the leisure side."

Fishkind also states that conventions will take time to return, unlike business travel that might take longer to return to normal. He also mentioned that they've seen a "structural change" when it comes to business travel, and that it might not fully return for many years to come. However, the leisure travel component in Orlando is a lot larger. It'll overwhelm the slowing that was caused by the pandemic. 

Leisure Travel to Increase

It was also pointed out by Dr. Fishkind, that leisure travel is increasing and that theme parks are continuing to revamp and adapt to COVID-19 measures. Each theme park has set out it's own regulations and measures based on CDC guidelines, we recommend that you review them before booking your resort or heading to one of the many parks in the area. 

"I think we're going to see these numbers rebound. I feel really positive. I think because of the pent up demand for travel, we're going to see numbers this summer which will rival two years ago. Those theme parks continue to invest billions of dollars and expect, and will get more tourists. Remember, Universal is building a whole new park." This is all good news and even more reason to be excited about this new south terminal at Orlando International Airport. 

Making a Reservation with ACE Luxury Transportation 

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